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Retirement Message by Shri A.K. Dixit, E-in-C, Doordarshan 

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Retirement Blessings by E in C Shri H.K. Wadhwa

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PPC MemorandumRequirement for Modern Unit 

Requirement for General Archive Officer 

Nomination for saminar on DVB T2;

Incentives Regarding Higher Qualification

 Office Memorandum

Relieving of DDEs/ADEs/AEs under order of transfer

Transfer Order of Engineers

Inter -zonal mutual transfer in r/o- Shri S.P. Rastogi, EA, LPTV Saraikela and Shri Sadhan Chandra Mondal, EA, AIR Jodhpur 

Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) of Gazetted Engineering Officers

Office Order 

Transfer/Posting Order of Subordinate Staff of Doordarshan 

Cancellation of transfer/posting order of subordinate staff of Doordarshan 

Cancellation order of transfer of officials from DDK Delhi to CPC Delhi along with posts 

Office Memorandum

 Office Order 

Office Order 

Shifting of Post:
DDNEWS 06/12/2012 (A);DDNEWS 06/12/2012 (B);CORR DD NEWS 11/12/2012;AE 26/03/2013;SEA/EA/STech/Tech FOR DDK PATNA 15/04/2013;DDK PATNA SEA/EA/S TECH/TECH ;

Transfer of AE:
AE 01/06/2012;AE 04/06/2012;AE 07/06/2012;
AE 21/06/2012;AE 08/08/2012;AE 27/09/2012;
AE 03/12/2012;AE 25/02/2013;AE 26/03/2013;CORR AE 08/04/2013;AE 15/04/2013;AE 20/05/2013; AE 17/07/2013;AE 05/08/2013;AE 06/09/2013 ;
AE31/10/2013; AE12/12/2013;AE23/01/2014;AE REG 28/01/2014;AE 19/02/2014;AE28/02/2014 

Urgent:Regarding transfer of AEs against the post of ASEs 03.02.2014 

AE22/07/2014;AE-II 22/07/2014; AE 07/10/2014;AE 07/10/2014(II);AE REG 10/10/2014 

CORRIGENDUM  ; Office Memorandum 

Transfer Order of Assistant Engineers dated 25.11.2014 

Transfer of JTS:JTS 23/03/2012;JTS 18/07/2012;JTS 09/08/2012;JTS 12 06 2013;

ADE 19 08 2013; ADE 31/10/2013;JTS 27/01/2014;JTS30/01/2014 


Transfer of STS:STS 25/06/2012;STS 17/07/2012;STS 09/08/2012;STS 04/10/2012;STS 04/12/2012;STS 07/12/2012;
STS 27/12/2012;STS 19/02/2013;STS 25/03/2013;STS 12 06 2013;STS 16/07/2013

STS 19 08 2013;STS 26/08/2013;STS 31/10/2013;STS 09/01/2014;STS23/01/2014; STS23/01/2014;STS 27/01/2014;STS04/03/2014;STS 22/07/2014 

Transfers in the Cadre of DDE/ADE of the IB(E)S

Regret order in respect DDEs under order of Transfer 

Transfer of JAG: JAG16/11/2011;JAG 06/07/2012;JAG 16/07/2012JAG 18/07/2012;JAG 09/08/2012;JAG 15/01/2013;JAG 12/04/2013;JAG 31/05/2013; JAG 19/07/2013;

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