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Retirement Message by Shri A.K. Dixit, E-in-C, Doordarshan 

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Retirement Blessings by E in C Shri H.K. Wadhwa

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PPC MemorandumRequirement for Modern Unit 

Requirement for General Archive Officer 

Nomination for saminar on DVB T2;

Incentives Regarding Higher Qualification

 Office Memorandum

Relieving of DDEs/ADEs/AEs under order of transfer

Transfer Order of Engineers

Inter -zonal mutual transfer in r/o- Shri S.P. Rastogi, EA, LPTV Saraikela and Shri Sadhan Chandra Mondal, EA, AIR Jodhpur 

Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) of Gazetted Engineering Officers

Office Order 

Transfer/Posting Order of Subordinate Staff of Doordarshan 

Cancellation of transfer/posting order of subordinate staff of Doordarshan 

Cancellation order of transfer of officials from DDK Delhi to CPC Delhi along with posts 

Office Memorandum

 Office Order 

Shifting of Post:
DDNEWS 06/12/2012 (A);DDNEWS 06/12/2012 (B);CORR DD NEWS 11/12/2012;AE 26/03/2013;SEA/EA/STech/Tech FOR DDK PATNA 15/04/2013;DDK PATNA SEA/EA/S TECH/TECH ;

Transfer of AE:
AE 01/06/2012;AE 04/06/2012;AE 07/06/2012;
AE 21/06/2012;AE 08/08/2012;AE 27/09/2012;
AE 03/12/2012;AE 25/02/2013;AE 26/03/2013;CORR AE 08/04/2013;AE 15/04/2013;AE 20/05/2013; AE 17/07/2013;AE 05/08/2013;AE 06/09/2013 ;
AE31/10/2013; AE12/12/2013;AE23/01/2014;AE REG 28/01/2014;AE 19/02/2014;AE28/02/2014

Urgent:Regarding transfer of AEs against the post of ASEs 03.02.2014 

AE22/07/2014;AE-II 22/07/2014


Transfer of JTS:JTS 23/03/2012;JTS 18/07/2012;JTS 09/08/2012;JTS 12 06 2013;

ADE 19 08 2013; ADE 31/10/2013;JTS 27/01/2014;JTS30/01/2014 


Transfer of STS:STS 25/06/2012;STS 17/07/2012;STS 09/08/2012;STS 04/10/2012;STS 04/12/2012;STS 07/12/2012;
STS 27/12/2012;STS 19/02/2013;STS 25/03/2013;STS 12 06 2013;STS 16/07/2013

STS 19 08 2013;STS 26/08/2013;STS 31/10/2013;STS 09/01/2014;STS23/01/2014; STS23/01/2014;STS 27/01/2014;STS04/03/2014;STS 22/07/2014 

Transfers in the Cadre of DDE/ADE of the IB(E)S

Regret order in respect DDEs under order of Transfer 

Transfer of JAG: JAG16/11/2011;JAG 06/07/2012;JAG 16/07/2012JAG 18/07/2012;JAG 09/08/2012;JAG 15/01/2013;JAG 12/04/2013;JAG 31/05/2013; JAG 19/07/2013;

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