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DD India


About The Channel:-

Doordarshan opened its windows to the world by launching its International channel on 14th March, 1995.

The Channel, earlier known as DD World was renamed DD India in 2002. The programming offers international viewers an update on the Indian social, cultural, political and economic scene. DD India was launched with a mission to build bridges of communication with Indians living abroad and to showcase the real India.

DD India is up-linked from New Delhi and can be watched in 38 countries across the world through INSAT-4B and INSAT-3A satellites.

Exclusive Programmes in Showing on DD India:-

"DD India carries News Bulletins, Regional News Bulletins, Features on Topical Events, Entertainment Programmes, Sitcoms, Travelogue, Feature Films, Music and Dance, Serials, Documentaries, News and Current Affairs, Events and Tourism, LIVE Coverage on important events, State Festivals organised by the State departments. Along with English News Bulletin, News Bulletins in languages: Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sanskrit and Punjabi also will be telecast all over the countries." 

Contact us:- 

Usha Bhasin

Programme Head

Tele    :-011-23386603



Weekly schedule

Programme Schedule 23rd June 2014 to 29th June 2014 

Programme Schedule 16th June 2014 to 22nd June 2014 

Programme Schedule 02nd June 2014 to 08th June 2014

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