Republic Day   "Awakening India"
Every Monday & Friday at 4:30 PM
Republic Day   "Mulaqat Jo Yaad Rah gayi"
Saturday at 05:30 PM
Repeat on Sunday at 09:30 AM
Republic Day   "Paltan"
Monday to Friday at 04:00 PM
Repeat on ​Tuesday to Saturday at 8:00 AM
Republic Day   "Gitanjali"
Monday to Friday at 06:30 PM
Repeat on ​Tuesday to Saturday at 10:30 AM
Republic Day "Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar "
Tuesday to Thursday at 04:30 PM
Repeat Next day at 8:30 AM  

Republic Day   "Sankat Mochan Hanuman"
Tuesday & Saturday 05:00 PM
Repeat  next day at 09:00 AM
Republic Day "Naad Bhed"
Saturday at 04:00 PM
Republic Day   "Best of Indian Cinema"
Every Saturday at 06:30 PM 

Republic Day
             Malgudi Days
Every Thursday at 5:30 PM
Republic Day   "Forts of India"
Every Sunday at 06:30 PM 
Republic Day "Anudamini"
Monday to Friday at 07:00 PM
Republic Day "Koi To Ho Ardhnarishwar"
Monday to Friday at 07:30 PM
Republic Day "Boond aur Samudra "
Wednesday at 08:00 PM
Republic Day "Ek Kiran Roshni Ki "
Thursday & Friday at 08:00 PM
Repeat on Next day at 12:00 PM ​

Republic Day "Grihdaah"
Mondaly to Friday at 08:30 PM
Repeat on Tuesday to Saturday at 12:30 PM ​

Republic Day "Lal Kothi Alvida"
Monday to Thursday at 09:00 PM
Repeat on Tuesday to Friday at 1:00 PM
Republic Day "Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi "
Monday- Friday  at 09:30 PM
Republic Day "Khamosh sa Afsana"
Thursday & Friday at 11:30 PM
Repeat next day at 2:30 PM
Republic Day "Byomkesh Bakshi"
Thursday & Friday at 10:30 PM
Saturday & Sunday at 09:00 PM ​
Republic Day "India Invented "
An Exploration of Culture
and Civilization in Historical Outline
Every Tuesday at 11:30 PM​
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