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Training Order For Film/Video Editors - Regarding uploaded on : 31-05-2​018​​
Disposal of Old Newspapers, Magazines of DG: DDn uploaded on : 25-04-2​018​​
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week-2017. ​ Uploaded on : 18-10-2​017
Salary Details of Doordarshan IRLA employees. uploaded on : 27-09-2​017​​
Announcement of 11th Doordarshan Annual Awards uploaded on : 24-08-2​017
Training to ASO during post GST Regime. uploaded on : 14-08-2​017
Independence Day Flag Hoisting Ceremonay. uploaded on : 11-08-2​017
Compassionate appointments in Prasar Bharati ​uploaded on : 28-07-2​017
India @70 years of freedom Short Film Contest Form ​uploaded on : 25-07-2​017
New Circulars on Open House meeting. ​uploaded on : 17-07-2​017
​Vendor Registration Form for GST ​uploaded on : 07-07-2​017
Office order No. F.No.904/5/2017-Scor-II. uploaded on : 11-05-2​017
Quotation for leasing of vehicles for DG: DD uploaded on : 24-04-2​017
AIBD TV Award- Call for entry  ​Uploaded on 13-04-2​017
Corrigendum for Procurement of vehicles on lease for DG: DD  ​Uploaded on 30-03-2​017
Extension of contractual engagees upto 31.03.2018 ​ Uploaded on : 07-02-2​017
Performance Appraisal of Ex-Becil engagees. ​ Uploaded on : 29-12-2​016
Request for Proposals for Telecast on DD-Arunprabha ​ Uploaded on : 28-12-2​016
Notice - Office Council Meeting ​ Uploaded on : 29-11-2​016
Notice - Performance appraisal of retired engagees ​ Uploaded on : 28-11-2​016
Office Order No.34/2016 Dated:30-09-2016 Uploaded on : 03-10-2​016
** Three ​bidders had participated in the Slot Sale. All the three bidders have not submitted all required documents and therefore they do not comply with the eligibility criteria.​
Regarding- Implementation of 7th CPC and payment of salary arrears Dated 04.08.2016

Auction Notice- Quotation for disposal of Raddi Newspapers and magazines Dated 29.07.2016
1.    7 production houses submitted their bids  as per RFP for Slot Sale of prime time slots on DD-National.
2.    The Scrutiny Committee and the Evaluation Committee examined the qualification bids against each of the eligibility criteria as prescribed in the RFP.
 3.    As per the eligibility criteria as prescribed in the RFP none of the production houses have been found eligible for participating in the E-Auction
(Corrigendum)Procurement of Multifunction Panasonic Fax Machine-regarding​

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