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“World Environment Day”

Doordarshan is all set to celebrate “World Environment Day” on 5th June 2018. The theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” for World Environment Day, 2018 calls for unity and collaboration in the fight against one of our most urgent environmental challenges.It is estimated that the world consumes each year up to 5 trillion plastic bags, mostly made of polyethylene, a low cost polymer derived from petroleum, which takes at least 500 years to degrade. Plastic pollution adversely affects wild life habitat and has potential harmful effect on human being also.

All the Doordarshan Kendras will join together to celebrate “World Environment Day”. Collectively, we need to work towards conserving precious environmental resources and say ‘No’ to single use plastic and contribute to a greener planet. Doordarshan has resolved to implement following with effect from 5th June at all DD premises- 

   a)  Discontinue the use of disposable plastic bottles from our premises. Glass jars and     glass tumblers can be used instead.

  b)  Discontinue use of plastic straws as well as disposable plastic/polythene bags     completely from premises. Instead use cloth or recycled paper bags.

   c) Discontinue use of disposable plastic plates, tumblers etc. completely from   premises.  Instead use ceramic and glass plates.

Pledge will be taken by DD staff members towards making DD premises free from single use plastic on 5th June, 2018.

Dear viewers do join us as we telecast various programmes on the need to save our planet.

                                                                                                                             Jai Hind

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