Sponsored Programmes




(Effective for programmes scheduled & slotted for telecast on or after 1/7/2004)

Subject: Guidelines for the consideration, processing and. approval of proposals received from outside producers for telecast of TV Programmes under Doordarshan's "Sponsorship Scheme".

In supersession of all previous instructions guidelines on the subject would stand revised and will be operative with immediate effect.


 (i) Doordarshan has been sourcing its major share of entertainment programmes from outside Producers by way of Sponsorship. Programmes made independently by the Producers in terms of content and style and in conformity with the Broadcasting Code. In this process Producers of such programmes which are selected and scheduled for telecast pay a specified fee to Doordarshan and in lieu thereof are entitled to a specified commercial time. This commercial time (FCT) can be used for marketing at rates they determine for promotion of either goods or services or brand image of any organization in accordance with Doordarshan's Commercial Code and guidelines.        .

 (ii) All channels of Doordarshan will assess the requirements of the sponsored programmes on an annual basis for different categories and subjects like programmes for children, youth, women, current affairs, sports, comedies, science, science fiction, family dramas, suspense serials, mythological serials, film based programmes including countdown shows, chat shows, game shows, quiz programmes, musical programmes, live events, reality shows and other entertainment/ Infotainment programmes.


 i) Doordarshan shall, in accordance with its programme requirements over a period of time, invite proposals, as and when need arises, on such themes and of such nature as may be considered necessary from the outside Producers by making suitable announcements over its Network on each occasion at such intervals as considered expedient. Besides, advertisements will also be inserted in the newspapers and copies of the advertisements will be displayed on the Notice Board of Doordarshan Kendras. The advertisement will also be put on Doordarshan's website.

 ii) Doordarshan shall maintain a record of proposals received in serial order. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged to the applicant. All the proposals will be processed within a period of thirteen weeks from the date of receipt of complete proposal depending on DD's requirement in each genre. All proposals will be routed through the on-line computerized Reception Centre at Doordarshan Bhavan.

 iii) A Proposal received under this scheme shall invariably contain:

 a)  Detailed Story line of the serial, break up of the story in episodes and broad outline of treatment;

b)   Synopsis of each episode;

c)   Detailed scenario script of at least 4 episodes;

d)  Full particulars including names, bio-data and addresses of the Director, Script writer, Director of Photography and Music, Director, along with a written confirmation from each one of them separately, about their having agreed to be engaged for the production of the programme. The applicant / Producer shall also furnish full bio-data in respect of himself/ herself while making the application. No change in the production team, once intimated, shall be made without the prior consent of Doordarshan;

e)  A photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return filed; Sales Tax/Service Tax Registration no; and partnership agreements in case of partnership firms and Memorandum of Article of Association in case of Limited companies.

f)   The Producer will also submit along with the proposal, one pilot episode of the serial programme. The pilot is to be produced by the Producer at his own risk and expense. In case of rejection of pilot or delay in preview, Doordarshan will not be responsible for the financial loss in any manner. However, in case of game shows, and musical programmes where a costly set is required, the Producer may submit the design of the set along with his proposal. The design of the set will also require the approval of Doordarshan before the Producer starts the production of such programme.

g)  The producer must give an undertaking that he would have no objection if the programme is carried on DTH by Doordarshan free of charge with or without commercials.

 iv) The Producer shall, in case the proposed TV programme is based on a novel, short story or any other published work, submit to Doordarshan, along with his proposal, a written confirmation from the author !copyright holder of that novel, short story or any other published work, as the case may be, that he/she has made over the copyright of the said work to the applicant for the purpose of its telecast on Doordarshan and that he !she had not made over the copyright for the same purpose to any person other than the applicant. Provisions of the Indian Copyright Act - 1957, will apply. The applicant will have to indemnify Doordarshan against any violations of copyright even at the initial stage.

v) The proposal for DD-1 and DD-News shall be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 25,000/and Rs. 10,000 respectively by Crossed Bank Draft payable in favour of "PBBCI" Directorate General, Doordarshan, New Delhi". This amount shall not be refunded irrespective of whether the proposal is finally accepted or rejected. In case of proposals meant for national satellite channels (without terrestrial support) for example DD Sports, DD Bharati and DD India, the processing fee payable will be Rs.5000/only.

(a) Provided that if the TV Programme is of the nature of a single episode the final programme to be telecast, shall be submitted by the Producer for preview and approval by Doordarshan.

                   (b) These programmes will be evaluated by an Internal Evaluation Committee at the Directorate for national programmes and at Kendra for local programmes 

vi) In respect of proposals received from Government Departments/ Undertakings (both from Central and States) no processing fee would be payable.

An application shall be considered complete only if it has been made strictly in accordance with the manner indicated in clause-2(iii) above, failing which it is liable to be summarily rejected and returned. Doordarshan will not enter into any correspondence whatsoever on the proposal once it is rejected and returned. 


(i) The proposals received will be processed in two stages: ­

(a) by the Evaluation Committee and (b) by the Selection Committee 

(A) Evaluation Committee will include the following:

Ø      Director (Programmes) (National Channel),

Ø      Director (Programmes) (Sponsored Programme)

Ø      Director (Programmes), (DD-India)

Ø      Director (Programmes), (DD-Sports)

Ø      Director (Programmes), (DD-News)

Ø      Director (Programmes), DD Bharati

Ø      Director (Programmes), Sales / Marketing.

Ø      Director (Programmes), DD Kashir

Ø      Director Engineering (Co-ord.)

(a) The Evaluation Committee will consider giving weightage to Directors/Producers ofeminence who are National and State Award Winners. Weightage will also be given to those who have a track record of production of successful and popular programmes where the benchmark would be average TRPs for the programmes telecast, say at 5, during the last three years on any channel,

(b) Director of Programmes of the concerned channel where the programme is to be telecast will be the convener of this Committee. The Evaluation Committee will examine the proposal in detail, preview the pilot and give its recommendations regarding the content of the serial, capability of the production team, production valueof the pilot, suitability of the serial for telecast, technical quality, market potential etc. Quorum for a meeting of the Evaluation Committee will comprise the following officers: 

Director (Programmes) of concerned channel

Director (Programmes) of any other channel

Director, Sales /Marketing

Director Engineering

(c) In case the Evaluation Committee feels that the proposal requires specialized expert opinion on a subject, the same could be recommended to the Selection Committee who can co-opt such experts in the field (Eg:  Science, history, Music, arts, etc.) 

(B) Selection Committee will consist of the following:

Ø      Additional/Deputy Director General of National Channel (DD1)

Ø      Additional/Deputy Director General (DD-India)

Ø      Additional/Deputy Director General (DD- Sports)

Ø      Additional/Deputy Director General (DD-News)

Ø      Additional/Deputy Director General(Commercial & Sales /Marketing)

Ø      Director, Programmes of concerned channel

Ø      Three outside experts (of whom one will be a lady member and one will be an expert in marketing) 

(i) The panel of outside experts will include personalities of repute from the fields of films / TV production, dramatics, broadcasting, journalism, literature, history etc. The Selection Committee will include one outside expert with background of marketing. The panel of such experts will be approved by a committee consisting of CEO, Member (Finance) and DG: Doordarshan. Additional Director General Deputy Director General of concerned channel will be the Chairperson of the Selection Committee. Director of Programme of concerned channel will be the convener of the meetings. Quorum for a meeting will comprise the following officers: 

Additional/ Deputy Director General of concerned channel

Two outside experts (of whom one will be a lady member)

Deputy Director General of any other channel

Deputy Director General, Commercial and Sales/Marketing

Director, Programmes of concerned channel. 

(ii) The decision of the Selection Committee will be intimated in writing to the Producer by Registered post within seven working days. Efforts would be, made to complete the whole process to examine the proposal within a period of 13 weeks from the date of receipt of the complete proposal in Doordarshan. 


a:      The Selection Committee while according its approval to the proposal shall clearly specify in case of a serialized TV programme, the number of episodes for which it has been approved as also the duration of each episode and the time band (prime time, mid-prime time, non-prime time). The number of episodes shall not normally exceed 52 episodes of weekly serials and 260 episodes of five days a week of daily soaps. In other words, proposals shall be accepted only for 52 weeks. There would be a review of the overall quality of the serial and also it’s TRP Ratings after 8 weeks and withdrawal after 13 weeks if their TRP rating is less than 6. Similar' review would be made after prescribed number of weeks in case of serials given extension beyond the normal number.

b.         Extension beyond 52 weeks would be considered only in exceptional circumstances guided solely by the quality and popularity of the serial. For extension, the Producer shall have to apply to Doordarshan eight weeks in advance. The request would be considered by DG Doordarshan keeping in view the popularity of the serial as reflected by its TRP Ratings, payment behaviour of the producer and the status of proposal next in line.


(i)         Doordarshan will schedule/slot the short-listed programmes as per the requirement of the time band, genre and quality of the programme. Each channel will allot time slot to serials keeping in view the requirement of the channel and commercial potential of the programme.

(ii)        At the time of intimation of the time slot, the producer will be required to submit tapes of the episodes to be telecast during a period of three weeks before the commencement of telecast within a period of one month failing which Doordarshan may cancel the approval of the serial or change the time slot. However, this condition shall not apply to programmes related to news and current affairs.

(iii)       After the preview of additional episodes and being satisfied about their suitability for telecast in all respects Doordarshan shall intimate to the Producer the exact date for the commencement of the telecast of the programme by giving him four weeks notice to enable tying up of marketing sponsorship, promotion etc. While sending above intimation, Doordarshan will ask the producer to submit a performance Bank Guarantee equivalent to the telecast fee for eight weeks as per DD's Commercial Rate Card. The Bank Guarantee will be valid up to a period of six months from the date of telecast of last episode on Doordarshan. If the producer fails to submit the Bank Guarantee by due date, the allotment of slot is liable to be cancelled.

(iv)      In case of a plea for extension of time to commence the telecast of the serial, to come on air, the request in writing can be considered only for a limited period not exceeding two weeks and the Producer thereafter should compensate Doordarshan for revenue loss equivalent to 25 per cent of the telecast fee of the slot for the weeks/ days for which the Producer fails to come on air, which will be for a maximum period of 4 weeks. The above amount of compensation will have to be paid in advance before commencement of telecast. Failure to compensate Doordarshan, or to come on air even after 4 weeks, would make the Producer forfeit his allotment altogether.

(v)        Telecast certificates "as provided by Doordarshan should be the basis on which the bills would be raised against the Producer/ Marketing Agency. No dispute in this regard will be entertained until the payment is made. Any disputes raised and agreed to by Doordarshan will be adjusted against the subsequent payments.

(vi)      The Producer shall, on being communicated the time and date fixed for the telecast of the programme in accordance with the provision contained in sub clauses (ii) and (iii) of this clause, furnish to Doordarshan, a bond indemnifying Doordarshan against any claim with regard to copyright of the work used in a particular programme and covered under the Copyright Act 1957.

(vii)      The Producer shall ensure that she/he at any given point of time in case of a serialized TV Programme, maintains with Doordarshan a bank of at least 4 episodes of a weekly serial (and in the event the remaining episodes fall short of 4 episodes, such remaining number of episodes) to ensure that the telecast schedule IS not interrupted for want of sufficient number of episodes in hand. In case of a daily soap the Producer will keep 20 episodes in bank.

(viii)      Doordarshan reserves the right to change the date and time of telecast of an approved TV Programme or withdraw the approval without assigning any reason by giving four weeks notice. The producer can also withdraw the programme by giving four weeks notice. 


a: The producer will produce the programme on Beta SP format and will submit the telecast tape to Doordarshan on Beta SP together with a promo of 20-30 seconds duration along with a VHS copy of the programme. 

b. Programme should maintain excellence in both aesthetic and technical quality of production. Technically it should conform to ITU­R specifications for video and chrominance levels: Typically maximum luminance. 1 volt p.p with 0.7 volts of video and 0.3 volts of sync. Pulse. Maximum Chrominance saturation =100% (colour difference signal = 0.7 volts). Audio level of the programme should be within the range of -5 db to +4 db. 

c. The Producer shall also have to follow the advanced technical format i.e. digi Beta etc. as and when Doordarshan shifts its telecast systems. 

(x)          If the time slot is not assigned to a serial within one year of applying, the Producer will be free to take the programme to any other Channel. 

(xi)       The validity of the short-listed proposals shall be for a period of two years from the date of issue of letter of intimation to the producer where-after the producer shall have no claim for slotting on any of the channels of Doordarshan 

(xii)      Once the programme is approved and a time slot is allotted, the Producer shall not change the banner without the prior written consent of Doordarshan. 


(i)         A programme may be sponsored either in the name of the company manufacturing a product and / or providing a service or in the name of the products manufactured by the sponsored company. 

(ii)          The Producer shall, for telecast of a sponsored programme, pay to Doordarshan such telecast fee as may be prescribed from time to time in Doordarshan's Commercial Rate Card. The payment of the telecast fee shall be the joint and several responsibility of the Producer and his designated marketing agency.  

(iii)       The Producer shall be entitled to utilize, such period of time, to be known as 'Free Commercial Time ( FCT) as may be specified, from time to time, by Doordarshan in its Commercial Rate Card. The Producer can utilize the FCT before or after or in between the programme. He shall, in addition be entitled to a credit line of 10 seconds each at the beginning and at the end of the programme. The credit line shall include only the name of the sponsor /product, as the case may be written and /orspoken. The sponsor shall, however, be allowed to use in the credit line his/her logo, lettering style, music/sound effects, etc. as described in Doordarshan's Commercial Rate Card. 

(iv)       The actual duration of the programme will not exceed 22 1/2 minutes for a 30 minutes slot and 45 minutes for 60 mts. slot including opening and closing credit captions. Doordarshan will retain the right to use up to 120 seconds in-between the programme with every 30 minute slot and 240 seconds in every 60 minute slot for channel promotions, public service messages etc. For this, a break bumper is to be provided by the producer at mid-break for insertion of the material from Doordarshan end. Unutilized time outside the programme and between programmes beyond FCT will be used by Doordarshan for channel promos, short duration programmes/quickies, public service messages and commercial exploitation. The concerned Channel Manager of Doordarshan in consultation with Doordarshan commercial service will decide the format to use this time. All unfilled time will be utilized by Doordarshan before or after the programme. However, the Producer in addition to his entitled FCT shall have the option to buy this time subject to availability, at such rate as may be prescribed in Doordarshan's Commercial Rate Card for advertising products /service(s). 

(v)        Length of opening and closing credit/title may be restricted to 30 seconds. 

(vi)       The Producer is authorized to hold a competition or contest within the programme or a part/episode of the programme. The competition or contest must be related to the contents of the programme. Credit to distributors of prizes in cash or kind will be a part of FCT allowed to the Producer and will be permitted to a maximum duration of 10 seconds. Film Trailer and Album Trailer will not be allowed within the Commercial Time admissible to the Producer. 

 (vii)     In case the Producer does not come on air on any particular day, she/he will be liable to compensate Doordarshan for the losses thus incurred, by way of telecast fee of the slot failing which the recovery will be made out of performance Bank Guarantee executed by the producer. 

(viii)      Recapitulation or summary of previous episodes in the programme proper shall be allowed to a maximum of 20 second in a 30 minute programme and 30 seconds in a 60 minutes programme. It will be included in the duration of 22 1/2minutes in a 30 minutes programme and 45 minutes in a 60 minutes programme. Any excessive use beyond the limits will be charged at commercial rates i.e. SBR as per Doordarshan Commercial Rate Card. 

(ix)       The programme proper shall not be permitted to be used overtly or covertly for advertising any product/service. The decision as to whether the programme involves overt or covert publicity of any product/service shall rest with the Director of Programmes of the concerned channel. 

(x)         Telecast of new serials of those Producers who are defaulters to Doordarshan as well as requests for extension of on-going sponsored programmes from the defaulting Producers will not be considered unless the Producers and Marketing agencies have cleared all their dues. The approval of the Empowered Committee consisting of CEO, Member (Finance) and DG: DD would be required in case defaulting producers are to be allotted new programmes or given extension but the following conditions would be imposed on such producers: ­ 

a. All programmes will be telecast on advance payment.

b. A repayment plan for old outstanding dues would be approved by the Empowered Committee and adhered to by the producer.

c. In case of failure to adhere to repayment plan, the programme would be instantly dropped. 

In all such cases, Prasar Bharati Board would be apprised of the arrangements made with such defaulting producers at the earliest. 

(xi)       Doordarshan reserves the right to stop telecast of on-going sponsored programmes if the concerned Producer 'Marketing agency fails to clear dues in time. However, the defaulting producers whose repayment plan has been approved by the Empowered Committee will be governed by Para 6 (x) above. 


(i)         Credit titles of creative personnel of the programme will be in Hindi and / or English for Hindi Programmes and the total duration shall not exceed twenty seconds. It is clarified that the credit lines are part of the programme duration: 

Producer, Director, Technical Director, Lyricist, Choreographer, Cameraman, Video Editor, Music Director, Art Director/Stage Designer, Costume Designer etc. Publicity In-charge, Sound Recordist, Make-up Artist, Video Recordist, Floor In charge, Production Assistant, Assistance in Production, Bankers of the Producer. 

Credit captions could be in the format of solid or super or rolling captions. 

(ii)        a. Programmes telecast on DD-I, DD-News except Sports and imported programmes may be repeated over DD- India and/ or DD-Bharati Channels at time slots decided by Doordarshan without any commercials as telecast over DD-Channels within 7 days of the initial telecast. Programmes on DD- India and DD Bharati Channels will also be repeated within 24 hours. This natural cycle will be treated as a single telecast. The Producer will be required to submit the separate Beta tapes of the programmes for the purpose without commercials. Commercial terms agreed upon for telecast of the programmes under sponsored category over DD-1 / DD-News shall include the right of Doordarshan to telecast the same on DD- India and/ or DD- Bharati Channels without any payment to the producer. 

b. Doordarshan reserves the right to repeat the serial on the same channel at any other point of time within 48 hours without originally telecast commercials and also reserves the right to utilize the Commercial Time before, after and within the serial so telecast as deemed fit without any payment to the producer. 

(iii)       The Producer will not be allowed to exploit the programme on Internet and new media except its promotion during the pendency of contract, for telecast on Doordarshan. 

(iv)      The Producer will have to ensure the delivery of telecast tapes without commercials two clear working days in advance for preview by Doordarshan. He will also ensure the delivery of final telecast tape with commercials one clear working day before the date of telecast for technical clearance and final telecast. 

(v) Programmes produced and submitted for telecast on Doordarshan should conform to the Broadcasting and Commercial Codes of Doordarshan. 

(vi) If so required, the Producer shall have to edit/delete the sequences from the episode as suggested by Doordarshan. 

 (vii) Only Doordarshan logo will be carried during the telecast of the programme. Producer's caption will be telecast before and after the programme. 

(viii)      Each episode of the programme will begin and end with the montage of Doordarshan. 

(ix)       Doordarshan may, with the concurrence of the right holder(s) re-telecast any sponsored programme at such terms and conditions as maybe prescribed, from time to time in the Doordarshan's Commercial Rate Card. 

(x)        Doordarshan may undertake commercial marketing of an indigenously produced programme within the country or abroad and sale proceeds shall be shared between the Rights-holder (s) and Doordarshan in such manner as may be mutually agreed. This shall not, however, apply in respect of TV programmes imported directly by Doordarshan or by private individual or organizations. 

(xi)      The Sponsored programmes will be premiered on Doordarshan. Doordarshan can also consider serials telecast on other channels provided the programmes had TRP of at least 10 and the Producer pays 50% premium on the telecast fee. 

(xii)        Producers of sponsored programmes whose offers are accepted will not be allowed to offer for telecast the same programme / programmes to any other channels for six months from the date of telecast of the last episode of the series /serial.    .


(xiii)      The Producer shall make available to Doordarshan free of cost a VHS cassette of the sponsored programme. 

(xiv)     The Producer shall be required to sign an affidavit regarding possession of TV rights of the programme, a programme agreement and a declaration - cum - indemnity bond. 

(xv)      The dispute, if any, will be resolved through arbitration under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. The Sole Arbitrator will be appointed by CEO, Prasar Bharati whose award shall be final' and binding. 

(xvi)     Courts at Delhi shall alone have the jurisdiction to decide any dispute arising out of this Scheme, on the national channels and the respective state capitals for regional language programmes. 


(i)         A producer, whose proposal has been rejected by the Selection Committee may, if he so desires, make a written application addressed to Director General Doordarshan for reconsidering his proposal indicating the ground on which the proposal may be re-considered. 

(ii)        The application to this effect shall be made by the Producer within a period of one month of the issue of the letter conveying the rejection of his proposal. No application for re-consideration of the proposal received after the expiry of the said period of one month shall be entertained by Doordarshan on any ground whatsoever. 

(iii)       The application for re-consideration of the proposal shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of Rs. 25,000/in the form of a Crossed bank Draft payable in favour of 'PBBCI' Directorate General, Doordarshan, New Delhi, for national channels and Directors of respective Doordarshan Kendras for DD Regional Channels. 

(iv)       Doordarshan shall place the said application for re­consideration of the rejected proposal before an Appellate Authority. The Appellate Authority headed by DG Doordarshan would consist of the following officers: 

a)      E-in-C DD

b)      ADG/DDG (DD India)

c)      ADG/DDG (DD Bharati)

d)      Three outside experts (only those who did not adjudicate the proposal originally) 

Its decision will be final and no further request for re-consideration of the proposal shall be entertained. The decision on the reconsideration of the proposal shall be communicated to the producer within a period of three months. 


(i)         The guidelines prescribed for the consideration processing and approval of the proposals for telecast of TV programmes on Doordarshan's National Network shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the proposals for telecast of TV programmes by Regional Kendras, subject to the following modification: ­ 

(i)         a. The proposal shall be accompanied by a non refundable processing fee in the form of a Crossed Bank Draft of the value of Rs.10,000/- payable in favour of "Drawing and Disbursing officer, Doordarshan Kendra" (concerned). In case of proposals meant for Regional Satellite Channels (without Terrestrial support), the fee payable will be Rs. 2,000/-.

(A)       The Evaluation Committee constituted for the purpose of carrying initial scrutiny and evaluation of all proposals, category-wise, shall consist of the following officers of the Doordarshan Kendra: 

a.       Chief Producer (in-charge sponsored programmes)

b.       Deputy Director of Programmes and Executive Producer (in-­charge sponsored programmes)

c.        Programme officer (in-charge sponsored programme)

d.       Station Engineer 

(ii)        In case the Committee feels that the proposal on specific subject on history, science etc needs expert's opinion the Committee may recommend to the Selection Committee for co-opting experts in those fields. 

(B)       The Selection Committee shall consist of:

a.  Director of Doordarshan Kendra

b.  Chief Producer (in-charge sponsored programme)

c.  Superintending Engineer! Station Engineer

d.  News Editor (to be invited for News & Current Affairs Programmes)

e.  Deputy Director Programmes / Executive Producer (in-charge sponsored programme).

f.   Local Head of AIR! Regional Film Censor Board / Press Information Bureau.

g.  Three outside experts.

Regional Kendras will maintain a panel of at least 15 eminent personalities of impeccable credentials from the fields of art, literature, broadcasting, media etc. to be nominated by the Zonal DOG on the recommendation of the Director of the Regional Kendra. Among the 15 persons, three persons would be invited on rotation for the selection. Among the three, at least one would be a lady. Besides, there would also be an expert who has a marketing background. 

(iv)       In case of Regional channel with terrestrial support, the Selection Committee of Kendras may approve up to 52 episodes in case of weekly serials and 260 episodes of a daily soap. In other words, proposals shall only be accepted for 52 weeks. Extension beyond this should be recommended only in the most exceptional cases to DG: Doordarshan. Kendra's recommendations should be based on the quality of the programme, popularity of the serial in terms of TRP Ratings, status of proposals next in line and payment behaviour of the producer. The extension in the Directorate shall be considered by Deputy Director General in charge of the Kendra/Zone and will be put up to DG: Doordarshan for approval. 

There would be a review of the overall quality of the serial and also its TRP ratings after 8 weeks and withdrawal after 13 weeks if performance not found satisfactory. Similar review would be made after prescribed number of weeks in case of serials given extension beyond the normal number. 

(v)        In case of RLSS channels (without terrestrial support), initial approval even beyond 52 weeks may be given in consultation with DG: Doordarshan. 

(vi)       Kendras should take an undertaking from the producer that their programme telecast on regional terrestrial channel would be repeated on RLSS channel at Doordarshan's discretion without any commercials within 7 days of initial, telecast on regional terrestrial channel. This natural cycle will be treated as a single telecast The Producer will be required to submit separate Beta tapes of the programmes for the purpose without commercials. Commercial terms agreed upon for telecast of the programmes under sponsored category over Regional terrestrial channel shall include the right of Doordarshan to telecast the same on RLSS Channel without any payment to the producer. 


The application for reconsideration of a proposal rejected by the Selection Committee of the Kendra shall be addressed to the Director of the Kendra concerned indicating the ground on which the proposal should be reconsidered and shall be accompanied by a non refundable processing fee payable by Crossed Bank Draft of Rs. 5,000/- payable to Drawing and Disbursing officer, Doordarshan Kendra concerned". 

a)           The applications so made shall be forwarded by the Director of the Kendra concerned to Directorate General Doordarshan along-with a complete set of the proposal originally received and the recommendations/ observation made by the selection committee thereon;

b)          The proposal for reconsideration shall be placed for final decision before a review Committee headed by Additional/ Deputy Director General in-charge of the Regional Kendra and a minimum of three outside experts from the panel of experts of the Regional Selection Committee. However, these experts will be those who have not participated in the earlier selection/ rejection process. 

(c) For any disputes relating to sponsored programmes, the adjudicating Authority shall be DG Doordarshan. 


One-off proposals may be accepted subject to confirmation of availability of slots without disturbing revenue earning slots. .Various channels' Regional Kendra of Doordarshan can receive 'one-off' proposals in the following categories for telecast on National and Regional Kendras/channels. 

i) Making of the films

ii) Anniversary/festival specific programmes

iii) Sporadic public utility/public interest programmes

iv) Films/ documentaries relevant to specific occasions

v)      Series/ serials not more than eight episodes

vi) Events; and

vii) Reports

viii) Any other subject relevant to programming on the Channel. 

      Complete proposals with broadcast tapes, if available, will be accompanied with a non-refundable Demand Draft of Rs.10,000/- for National Channel and Rs.5,000 for DD-News and regional Kendras/channels would be submitted by the Producer. If the proposal is for National Satellite Channel(s) (without any terrestrial support) the processing fee payable is Rs.1,000/- and for Regional Satellite Channel (without any terrestrial support) the processing fee payable is Rs.500/-. In respect of proposals received from Government Departments/ Undertakings (both from Central/States) no processing fee would be payable. These proposals can be evaluated by an Internal Evaluation Committee at the Directorate for national programmes and at Kendra for local programmes. 


(i)         TV programme imported by private individuals or organizations in accordance with such policy as may be laid by the Government for such imports, may be offered to Doordarshan for telecast under the sponsorship scheme. 

(ii)        The offers made in this behalf shall be considered for approval by the Committees as mentioned in Para 3 above. The applicant / right holder shall pay the processing fee as mentioned in Para 2 (v) or Para 10 as the case may be. 

(iii)       The offer shall be made with supporting documents specifying that; 

(a)     The applicant possesses exclusive TV rights (terrestrial and satellite) for telecast of the programme on Doordarshan.

(b)    The Channel of its import in India;

(c)     The import has been made strictly in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Government of India and does not contravene FEMA regulations; and

(d)    Foreign feature films are to be certified fit for public exhibition with a U certificate in India by the Central Board of Film Certification


(iv)       The individual or organisation whose offer for telecast of an imported TV Programme is accepted by Doordarshan shall be required to make available to Doordarshan the required number of episodes as decided by Selection Committee. 

(v)        Other terms and conditions for telecast of imported TV programmes shall be the same as provided for in respect of TV -programmes assigned to outside Producers under this scheme subject to such modifications as may be prescribed in Doordarshan's Commercial Rate Card. 


(i)         Doordarshan shall be free to offer its own TV Programmes or those imported by it for sponsorship.

(ii)        The Commercial terms and conditions for such sponsorship shall be the same subject to such modifications as prescribed in Doordarshan Commercial Rate Card.


14.       EXEMPTIONS 

(i)         Notwithstanding anything contained in these guidelines, Doordarshan may, with the prior approval of the Empowered Committee consisting of CEO, Member (Fin) and DG: DD. 

(a)  Accept any proposal for telecast of TV programme under this scheme in  relaxation of any of these guidelines ; or

(b)  Issue any directive relating to all or any aspect of a sponsored programme, in whole or in part, and the producer shall act in accordance with such directive.

(c)   Accept the proposals sue motto on their merit as per channel and programming requirement. 

In all the above cases/ the decision(s) of the Empowered Committee will be got ratified by Prasar Bharati Board. 





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